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Atlanta Sports Fan had some wicked cool access to Bonnaroo, the progressive music festival that featured artists like Pearl Jam, Jack Johnson, Chris Rock, Willie Nelson, Puck Daddy approved Gogol Bordello and Kanye West, who did not endear himself to the crowd. He also had a hockey sighting: Sean Avery of the New York Rangers, driving past fans in a golf cart.

"Supposedly, many of the NY Rangers had chartered a bus to Bonnaroo, and it was parked next to the Yahoo! bus. He waved to us. I asked him not to beat the f--k out of me," writes Atlanta Sports Fan. And here we were more concerned he'd beat the crap out of the Yahoo! bus ...

He later saw Avery again during a close encounter with the Olsen Twins, and recalled that the burgeoning celebrity stylist allegedly had a fling with Mary-Kate Olsen. The Fan thought about a photo op, but then he "pictured Avery punching me in the face and taking my camera."

Check out Sean Avery checking out Sigur Ros. Every time we want to fully commit to despising the guy, his taste in women and music make a compelling counterargument.

Thanks to wufpirate from Carolina on Ice for the tip, and please check out his site's rather hilarious (and NSFW) NHL awards.

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