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The Chronicles of Stanley is an occasional series this summer that tracks the Boston Bruins as they each get their special alone time with the Stanley Cup.

Boston Bruins captain Zdeno Chara(notes) had his turn with the Stanley Cup this weekend and he celebrated it in his hometown of Trencin, Slovakia. Parties were held, autographs were signed and photos were taken with Z and the Cup as it continued its European tour.

A parade was held in Trencin Square where according to NHL.com's Paul Vinciguerra, around 5,000 people were in attendance. Highlights included Chara arm-wrestling a fan and taking hold of a drumset on stage channelling his inner Neal Peart.

Later, Big Z was presented with a statue of himself that will be auctioned off to benefit local children's hospitals. The only resemblance between the statue and Chara was the Bruins uniform painted on it, especially considering it was right-handed.

To top off his weekend with the Cup, like Marian Hossa(notes) and Tomas Kopecky(notes) were last summer, Chara was knighted in a ceremony, which probably featured him pulling Excalibur out of a giants stone. (Maybe the boys at Days of Y'Orr were on to something.)

How soon until agents start putting in "knighted" bonus clauses into player contracts?

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