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Chris Osgood, Red Wings face their futureThat a conference call on July 19 between Detroit Red Wings GM Ken Holland, free-agent goalie Chris Osgood(notes) and the media has sparked so much interest speaks to either the scarcity of news at this point in the NHL summer or the genuine cloudiness of the goalie's future.

Was this like the Nicklas Lidstrom(notes) conference call, which went from being a potential retirement announcement to instead regarding the extension of his contract for another year?

Or was this the end of the oft-injured, 38-year-old, 3-time Stanley Cup champion netminder, with former Red Wings goalie Ty Conklin(notes) still lingering on the free-agent market as a Plan B should Osgood not be retained?

And if this was the end … well then let the Hall of Fame debate begin.

Turns out it's not the end: The Detroit Free Press (via reader Drew Davis) reports the call will announce Osgood's back for another season with the Red Wings.

The Chief from Abel To Yzerman's not thrilled with this development:

For the record, I'm against this.  Nothing about Osgood the last two seasons gives us any indication that this is a smart move.  The minute Osgood says he's coming back, the best backup on the market (to include him) is gone and this time for good. Ty Conklin should have been signed two weeks ago.

That's the truth. But if Osgood can't answer the bell, there will still be options available to find a backup for Jimmy Howard(notes) not named Joey MacDonald(notes). And if he stays healthy, then you have a veteran spot-starter that's still a beloved player in the organization.

It's a risk, given his health and ineffectiveness; but Holland has shown a soft spot for sentimentality before (see: Modano, Mike). It's Holland's call, and apparently the one he's made is another year of Chris Osgood.

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