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Before Game 5, Philadelphia Flyers defenseman Chris Pronger(notes) was a thorn in the side of the Chicago Blackhawks. Whether it was helping to shut down Chicago's top line or diverting attention away from his struggling team by stealing pucks at the end of each game, Pronger has been the most-talked about subject in this Stanley Cup Finals.

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With the Blackhawks a win away from winning their first Cup since 1961 and Pronger coming off his worst game of the series with a minus-5, the Chicago Tribune decided to bask in the glory of the worst game of his career with a special pullout poster in Tuesday morning's edition.

Meet Chrissy Pronger:

"Looks like Tarzan skates like Jane"

"-4 Plus/Minus in 3 Hawks wins"

"-5 Plus/Minus in Game 5"

"100% chance we'll change our minds if Hawks sign him"

It's a shame the Trib couldn't have released this before Game 5. It would have been fun to see Michael Jordan waive one of these posters from the luxury suite he was in, and count the number of NBC shots of Vince Vaughn and Jeremy Piven plastering one of these against the glass every time Pronger entered the zone.

No word if the Philadelphia Daily News or Inquirer are currently printing up "Patricia Kane" or "Dorothy Byfuglien" posters to be handed out before Game 6 at Wachovia Center.

Pronger was asked about the poster during media availability on Tuesday. His response? "I don't read what you guys write. Good or bad."

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