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Last week, Def Leppard lead singer Joe Elliott wasn't gettin' it (uh, really getting' it) when he dishonored the Stanley Cup by placing it upside down on a pedestal during the NHL's opening night concert in Detroit. The embarrassing moment was beamed live to a rather impressive audience on Versus, and became front page news here at Yahoo! as over 2,700 comments mocked, ripped and reviled the singer's goof.

After a band meeting (Murray would be proud), Elliott and Def Lep attempting to pour some sugar on this putrid situation:

"I will, as always, take full responsibility for what happened because I have big pucks. However, someone at the NHL should have known better and informed me first instead of keeping the Stanley Cup under lock and key until the last minute. The practice run the day before with a coffeemaker went swimmingly because it, like every other sporting cup I've ever seen, was wider at the top than the base. Ironic isn't it that after that night's gig, a NHL insider told me that long ago the Stanley Cup was also designed to be put down that way!!!"

Well, Chris Chelios of the Detroit Red Wings isn't buyin' it. Really not buyin' it. The outspoken and ageless defenseman appeared with JJ & Lynne on WCSX-FM (94.7), and said someone should have "drove that guy, he did that on purpose." The Freep reported on his conspiracy theory that's one Chupacabra away from Fox Mulder territory:

"No, we know he did [it on purpose]... we talked to people at the show and the guy was being real rude to everybody," Chelios said. "He was in a bad mood when they got there, so for whatever reason he didn't want to be there. And that's his way of showing it and taking it out on the NHL."

Fact is that Chelios didn't feel the Face-Off Rocks concert was necessary to begin with. And as long as we're trafficking in conspiracy theories, perhaps Cheli is just bitter that his good buddy Kid Rock didn't get the gig in Detroit so he can mash-up a few more Warren Zevon and Lynyrd Skynyrd classics with inferior results.

Which brings us to this salient point -- What's worse: A British rock star, with only coffeemaker experience, placing the Stanley Cup upside down; or forgetting the Stanley Cup on a beach and having models use it as an ashtray? Allegedly, of course ...

H/T Snapshots.

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