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Great catch by Chris from Icethetics (via a reader tip) regarding the Carolina Hurricanes' logo plans for the upcoming season. Please recall that the Canes will be unveiling their new black (Ed. Note: "Bleech!" ) alternate jersey this Wednesday at a fan event.

Over on Red and Black Hockey, they spotted this logo on Carolina's official site and deduced that it was a shoulder patch on the new third jersey. Based on this Web cam shot of center ice at the arena from Icethetics, the front of the alternate sweater could be some variation of the team's "hurricane flag" logo seen on Brind'Amour's shoulders here. Last year, the team had a 10th anniversary logo; during the Cup run, it had its primary logo at center ice.

The logo change -- at least for the third jersey -- is a rather smart and overdue decision if true. As The Hockey News wrote in placing Carolina's swirly primary logo at No. 29 out of 30 in its logo rankings: "One THN staffer said it looked like a toilet flushing. Ironically, the Canes have a great secondary logo with the flags."

Are there any other NHL teams whose secondary logos are better than their primary ones? OK, maybe we're just asking if this should replace this.

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