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The primary reason hockey fans in other NHL cities find those on the Washington Capitals bandwagon so endearing? It has to be their legendary modesty.

And really, what better way to exhibit that humility than with a Caps' "WINNING" T-shirt that's apparently inspired by Charlie Sheen's memorable mantra espoused during the early stages of his unraveling?

(And here we thought the Bakersfield Condors had cornered the market on Charlie-related puck promotion.)

Caps fan Kate S. on Twitter revealed these beauties to the world Tuesday night, writing that they should be available at the Kettler Capitals Iceplex team store Wednesday. As Russian Machine Never Breaks wrote: "For just $17.99 you can become a warlock too. If you're interested make sure to get them fast as this is a limited run."

The Washington Capitals and a limited run? You don't say ...

Obviously, it's a fun shirt, what with the coloring provided by actual tiger blood. But while we wonder how the Capitals T-shirt memes somehow skipped right over "Jersey Shore"-related "Beat Dat Beat Up" items to Charlie Sheen-ville, we also hope this simple design doesn't inspire mischief if, and we do mean "if," the Capitals happen to fall short once more in the Stanley Cup Playoffs.

Because we'd hate to see stuff like this on the Interwebs. Yep, just hate it.

Stick-tap to Chris Cistaro for the story.

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