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Andrew's Dallas Stars blog had, from what we saw, the right take on the Stars' loss in Game 1 against the Detroit Red Wings: There were "suggestions of fatigue and hangover from Game 6 of the San Jose series," with a dash of emotional letdown, and none of it was exactly Marty Turco's fault. But the fact is that he's now 0-8-2 at the Joe, and Detroit fans are going to let him know about it in an even more emphatic way in Game 2. Already, The Chief at Abel to Yzerman is wondering if the Stars can overcome what he calls "The Turco Dilemma" in the postseason:

Woops.  Rafalski wrister.  Screen. Goal.  Dirty, nasty Swedes and their unfair stickwork. Deflection, goal. Deflection, goal.  Homer's ass in his face, skates in the crease.  Skates in the crease by god.  Kinda like Hull's.  Filppula flying in. Goal. Chants from the crowd. Deflation.  Elbow to the face of Helm, dejection. Sadness.

Marty's back to what we know.  It's nice to be able to expect things, to know what's coming.  A Turco meltdown?  Done.  Hey, Brett? How's that deal with Tampa looking now?  Not to jinx anything, but who the hell is going to stop this team right now?

For a moment, let's focus on the aforementioned ass of Tomas Holmstrom. On the Wings' third goal, it was certainly in Turco's crease if not also in his face. Coach Dave Tippett said after the game: "We were told that, if there's going to be a player in the blue paint, that would be no goal. Obviously that didn't happen." As we said in yesterday's preview, the key match-up in this series for Dallas is finding a way to move screening forwards like Homer and Johan Franzen away from Turco. Last night, they couldn't; and last night, they were dominated by the Red Wings.

One MSM hockey writer is asking for the NHL to step in and do something about what he feels is the Wings' unpunished goalie interference.

Goaltender interference has been a hot-button issue through these playoffs, from the controversial Cristobal Huet contact in Game 7 between the Philadelphia Flyers and Washington Capitals to the infamous "Sean Avery Rule" in the Rangers/Devils series. John Glennon, the Nashville Predators beat writer for The Tennessean, would like to see another rule put in place: "The Tomas Holmstrom Rule," in which any goal he scores is automatically reviewed by the NHL:

If you watched Game 1 of the Detroit-Dallas series on Thursday, then you know exactly why I bring up the topic. It's one thing for Holmstrom to plant his backside inches from a goaltender's face, but when he has a skate or two in the crease - as he clearly did when scoring the Wings' third goal - then he needs to get called on it.

The situation was reminiscent of Detroit's Game 2 win against the Predators, when Holmstrom may well have been in the crease when Nick Lidstrom's shot flew past goalie Dan Ellis. In both instances, referees had plenty of reason to call for review, but for whatever reason chose not to.

Glennon's half-serious suggestion aside, working the refs on goalie interference by Detroit might be the only defense the Stars can offer for the Wings' immovable forwards.

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