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Look, most of you are going to be predisposed to loathe this Buffalo Sabres hip-hop playoff anthem from rapper NOVE as heard on Kiss 98.5-FM. Hell, the majority of the responses on the Sabres Junkie forums are treating it like Ashlee Simpson covering a Yoko Ono song.

But please consider the following positive points before ripping to shreds this latest contribution to the pantheon of Stanley Cup Playoff anthems (like this 2006-07 Sabres effort):

• The use of Queen's "I Want It All" for something more than a credit card commercial. Is there anything more 'stadium anthem' than Freddie Mercury signing over Brian May's guitar? Even if this combination of classic rock and rap veers dangerously close to that awful P. Diddy/Jimmy Page duet for the "Godzilla" movie?

• The rhyming of "Kaleta" with "none bett-uh."

• The fact that Paul Gaustad(notes) was just name-dropped in a hip-hop song.

• The line "I'm more than a player, I'm more like Golisano", which is at a Jay-Z "Black Album" level of referential swagger.

Behold the joy of "Nove-I Want It All (Sabres rap 2009-2010)":

OK, so it sort of loses its way in the second half, with Marky Mark verbiage like "got a flow colder than a froze puck." And is "it's feeling like '99 again" really a reason for Sabres fans to celebrate; you know, all things considered?

Fans in playoff cities: Does one of your local radio stations have a playoff anthem? Hit us at puckdaddyblog@yahoo.com. Even if it sounds like this one.

Stick-tap to Puck Buddy Amber H. for the song.

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