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The Boston Bruins' new third jersey, in this shot provided by Hub Hockey, just reinforces our belief that alternate sweaters are a shameless way to bilk dedicated fans out of their hard-earned dollars. Some teams, like Phoenix, may actually get a better looking jersey out of the deal. But they serve no other purpose for the Bruins.

Perhaps this nearly all-black sweater would make sense if the Bruins still wore white at home; alas, they currently wear this jersey, so the difference between the regular boring jersey and this spiffy "special occasions" one are a few stripes, some strings and a step down in quality of logo.

(Maybe we're just a little creeped out by the fact that our dear Milan Lucic looks like the lovechild of Happy Gilmore and Jimmy Fallon in this photo.)

We haven't pimped Hub Hockey much here, but it looks like a pretty great Bruins blog. Its coverage of the "State of the Bruins" fan event was a solid read, revealing that Cam Neely told the crowd that to solve the "one-beer limit" at Bruins/Montreal Canadiens games, there will be "no beers for Habs fans, while the Bruins fans receive the extras." Hub Hockey also takes new NESN Bruins reporter Naoko Funayama to task for failing to pronounce Zdeno Chara's name correctly in this report. ("Zay-no?" Seriously?)

More about the Bruins fan forum from The Patriot Ledger and Stanley Cup of Chowder.

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