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Buffalo Sabres goalie Ryan Miller(notes) is many things. Vezina Trophy winner. U.S. Olympic hero. Humanitarian. Guy who goes pretty well in the lady-friend department.  

Today, we proudly add two new roles to that legacy of greatness: Cereal maven and groundskeeper at Bushwood Country Club.

Miller held a press conference Thursday to announce his new signature brand of cereal: Kick-Save Krunch created by PLB Sports, home to Flutie Flakes and Ochocincos. From WKBW in Buffalo:

KICK-SAVE KRUNCH is a honey nut toasted oat cereal and comes in a 14 oz limited edition collector's box. Fans can grab a box of Miller's cereal at Buffalo-area Tops, Wegmans and Wilson Farms stores. The product will also be available online at www.plbsports.com starting November 18. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of KICK-SAVE KRUNCH will benefit The Steadfast Foundation, a non-profit foundation started by Miller to support and provide resources to children and their families who are fighting cancer.

Miller's opinion on his breakfast treat: "I like it. I definitely like it. For me, I'm a fan of all kinds of cereals. I thought this would be the one that people would like the best. Sometimes, simple tastes great." No word when Antti Niemi's(notes) delicious new "Five Holes" will be hitting the market ...

Check out the announcement press conference here, in which Miller also debuted a New Era hat that's patterned after his Olympic Uncle Sam mask. Ten percent of the proceeds from the sale of this cap will be donated to Steadfast Foundation.

Meanwhile, Miller is appearing in ESPN The Magazine's adventurous new movie issue, choosing to portray "Caddyshack" icon Carl Spackler. Here's a behind-the-scenes look at the shoot, featuring Miller's impressive mastery of the character:

How Lindy Ruff doesn't show up as Judge Smails is beyond us.

Stick-tap to Ryan Ballengee of Pro Golf Talk for the clip, which Kukla had earlier in the week.

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