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Aside from hair metal, Cooperalls and Nintendo, one of the thousands of everlasting memories that the 1980's bestowed upon the world were professional and amateur sports teams creating their own music videos.

We all remember the 1985 Chicago Bears and the infamous "Super Bowl Shuffle" video that was produced before their meeting with the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. A few years later the Calgary Flames said "Screw a cappella, break out the brass instruments" and released a video gem of their own that we should all hope and pray shows up on the next installment of "Rock Band".

In the years between the Bears and Flames videos, the Boston College men's hockey team attempted to raise the bar and promote their appearance in the 1986 Beanpot Tournament with a video of their own, the "Beanpot Trot":

(Warning: Watching nine white guys in 1986 attempt to dance and rap at the same time may be hazardous to your health)

"This is our song, we're not getting cocky/We're just here to rap about hockey."

Yes, that's current New York Islanders Head Coach Scott Gordon, who not only identifies himself as "Flash" but is also the most natural performer of the group. (C'mon New York media -- we want Gordon on the record about his musical past.) The split at the end? That's just the cherry on top of the entire performance.

Unfortunately for Boston College, the hockey gods weren't fans of their work and the Eagles' play on the ice in the Beanpot Final didn't back up their lyrical abilities as they ended up losing to Boston University 4-1 in the championship game. Qualifying for the NCAA Tournament later that season, BC lost in the first round to Michigan State after a two-game aggregate series.

We're still waiting for Bemidji State's "Crank Dat Beaver" video to somehow surface from last spring's Frozen Four ...

Stick-tap to NHL Fans and TheVotl.com for the clip. 

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