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In fairness, Philadelphia has produced some truly beautiful women. Grace Kelly. Maria Bello. Kate Gosselin.

The point is that this Boston Bruins advertisement (from Universal Hub via Matthew Cote) is a gross ... OK, very gross mischaracterization of Philadelphian women.

But when it's the Bruins and the Philadelphia Flyers facing off in the conference semifinals, this level of decorum is expected, nay, demanded, from the participants. And it's probably about 100 times more benign than anything that'll leave the mouths of Dan Carcillo, Scott Hartnell(notes) and/or Shawn Thornton(notes) during this series.

Another grand slam from this Bruins marketing team; and, of course, not the first time they've offered pertinent dating advice to fans regarding inter-franchise fraternization:

Now please, enjoy this maliciously amusing advertisement for Bruins hockey during Monday's Game 2 against the Philadelphia Flyers in Boston. Seriously, before it's too late. Also born in Philadelphia: Gloria Allred. Ruh-roh.

Unless this is some kind of emasculating slam on Dan Carcillo's facial hair.

Stick-tap to noted author Ritch Duncan.

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