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We've seen a plenty of interesting ticket promotions in the NHL over the years, mostly coming out of South Florida with the Panthers piggy-backing off of the LeBron James hype, allowing fans to name their own price and even giving out free tickets to first time fans who have a valid driver's license. There was even the time the New York Islanders introduced "The Victory Plan" where if the team won, fans would receive free tickets to another game.

Following up their own "Name Your Price" promotion from a couple of seasons ago, the St. Louis Blues are putting their chips into the middle of the table and gambling with part of their season ticket revenue.

For the "Every Game Counts" campaign, Blues fans can purchase season tickets and only pay half now. The other half would be due if St. Louis makes the playoffs

What happens if the Blues fail to finish in the top eight in the Western Conference?

The bill for the other half disappears and those season ticket holders do not have to pay the rest.

Only 300 upper level and 300 lower level seats are included in the promotion and as Blues CEO Peter McLoughlin told Jeremy Rutherford of the St. Louis Post-Dispatch, about 200 have been sold so far and expectations are that second half bills will be sent out once the team clinches a playoff spot:

"We feel good about the team and we want to sell more season tickets and get more people in the building. We think it's a smart, creative program, and we expect people who buy into this program are going to be paying 100 percent of the cost."

St.Louis has seen their average attendance numbers increase every season since 2006-07, a tribute to the work the new ownership led by Dave Checketts and president of hockey operations John Davidson have done in promoting the team. Given the economic times we live in, it's an interesting risk to take potentially losing the sales revenue should St. Louis fail to make the playoffs for a second straight year. On the flip side, it'd be a financial boon next spring should the Blues qualify and the team is then receiving second half payments on these season tickets along with playoff ticket revenue.

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