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Earlier this week, we discussed where the NHL should take its traveling Winter Classic circus next, assuming the flirtation with closing out Yankee Stadium was losing steam. Comcast Sports Chicago reported last night that, in fact, it'll be the Chicago Blackhawks facing off against the Detroit Red Wings at Wrigley Field next January, "with an official announcement perhaps coming this week."

That sound you heard was us patting ourselves on the back.

Y! Sports Kevin Kaduk, editor of the awesome Big League Stew blog, is a one of those Blackhawks fans who's back on the hook thanks to players like Patrick Kane (and thanks to the iron first of Dollar Bill no longer squeezing the life out of the team). From BLS:

The puckheads scored mega-ratings with this year's Pens-Sabres game in Buffalo and since Gary Bettman says that Yankee Stadium is unfit for a Rangers tilt, playing a game in a winter den the Bears used to inhabit seems the next-biggest headline grabber. An announcement, according to Comcast, is expected soon.

With two of my worlds colliding in such fashion, I'm pretty sure the current rapid firing of my synapses is causing permanent brain damage and that I may have to retreat to a corner to shake uncontrollably for the rest of the day.

The Blackhawks and Red Wings? At Wrigley? In the middle of winter? Yeah, here's my credit card, John McDonough. Charge whatever you want on it.

Should this come to pass, it's the right move. Detroit could be a reigning Stanley Cup champion, Chicago is a team on the verge of recapturing an Original Six city and the Western Conference deserves a taste of this gimmick sooner rather than later. And don't we all want to see the New York Rangers play in Fenway Park instead of Yankee Stadium anyway?

Our only request: Please, please, please hire Will Ferrell to portray Harry Carey singing Stompin' Tom Connors' "The Hockey Song."

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