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Columbus Blue Jackets goalie Steve Mason(notes) tweeted images of his new goalie mask on Tuesday, with one side covered in the red, white and blue of the Ohio state flag and the other side straight out of the nightmares of a Civil War veteran:

Behold Steve Mason’s gruesome new ‘Evil Dead’ Civil War mask

Ken Hitchcock just found his new screensaver.

The skull on the right side is an homage to the poster for "Evil Dead 2", which brings us forever closer to getting an image of Bruce Campbell with a shotgun (aka "boom stick") on a goalie mask.

This is perhaps the best horror movie tribute on a goalie mask that didn't involve an owner turning his goaltender into a billboard for a "SAW" sequel.

Behold Steve Mason’s gruesome new ‘Evil Dead’ Civil War maskMason said the mask was designed by David Gunnarsson, the master airbrush artist behind some of the greatest masks in hockey today. He previously designed Mason's mask for the Blue Jackets' Civil War cannon-themed third jerseys.

Really digging the Harvey Two-Face nature of the mask … although it does also indirectly speak to Mason's issues with consistency, we suppose — hero one night, horror show the next. But the Columbus brass have given him a vote of confidence this offseason with their moves, hoping he can reclaim that rookie of the year form from 2009.

If nothing else, he'll have one of the NHL's top masks this season. Although it does fall a few notches behind Carey Price's Heritage Classic mask on the creep-tastic scale. In the sense that we sometimes leap out of bed screaming because we're convinced Carey Price's(notes) Heritage Classic mask is staring at us through the window.

s/t to reader Ryan Real for the images.

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