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Sam Carchidi of the Philadelphia Inquirer put over Philadelphia Flyers winger Claude Giroux(notes) in an epic way yesterday: How he was turning into a "superstar before our eyes" and using the F-word in a headline.

As in "franchise" player. Clarified for the benefit of our Philly-based readership ...

This evening, Bob McKenzie of TSN reported that the Flyers and Giroux have agreed on a 3-year, $11.25 million deal that will keep him from restricted free agency next summer.

Cap Geek had slightly different numbers and broke down the deal annually as $2.75 million, $3.50 million and $5.0 million.

Giroux might be a $5 million player by the end of this season, so that's some good general manage'n from Paul Holmgren right there.

Here's more Girouxian praise from Scott Burnside of ESPN:

Here's an indication of how valuable Giroux is to a team that has all the tools to make another long playoff run in the spring. When they are healthy, the Flyers are loaded with talented centers, yet Laviolette generally leaves Giroux at center and moves someone like Carter to the wing. That's not to say Giroux cannot play the wing; he has, at times, moved up to play with Richards when Laviolette thinks the team needs a spark.

But Laviolette's trust in Giroux to win a key faceoff and play smart defensive hockey to get things done at the most important of forward positions is a reflection on the young man's growing maturity.

Burnside also uses the F-word in his piece, like Carchidi did in his.

No, not "Franchise" No, not the other one either.

This one: "Forsberg." He's that good. 

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