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Nick Mendola, who hosts a sports talk show for 1230 AM WECK in Buffalo, offers this "artist's rendering" of what he believes went down between Derek Roy(notes) and Tim Connolly(notes) of the Buffalo Sabres during a charity event on Sunday. Funny, Matthew Barnaby didn't say anything about nunchuks ...

Let this be a lesson to all of you: Never drink Tres Equis. 

The mini-scandal's been extinguished by coach Lindy Ruff and by Roy, but Mendola has done yeoman's work to keep the embers smoking. Here's Mendola's list of probable causes for Connolly's eye injury, writing that he "heard enough from reputable-enough people to feel pretty good that something out-of-the-ordinary happened" and promises "that two of these things I genuinely believe":

-- Tim Connolly was practicing "The Dolphin" backstage when he hit his face on the ground.

-- Connolly got a black eye when he didn't see little Tyler Ennis(notes) and walked into him.

-- Derek Roy punched Tim Connolly.

-- Derek Roy didn't punch Tim Connolly.

-- Derek Roy showed up in full deer hunting regalia and shot Connolly through the eye with a crossbow.

-- Another Sabre punched Connolly in the face, and then Connolly fought a teammate later at a post-show party in a different bar.

-- Steve Montador(notes) is Iron Man and Connolly was changing his heart and accidentally took an Iron Man fist to the eye.

-- Derek Roy heard Connolly was making "passes" at girls and -- misinterpreting the term -- wondered why Connolly never passed to him.

-- Thomas Vanek(notes) elbow-dropped Connolly in the eye and then blamed it on Roy.

-- Tim Connolly actually got in two fights in two venues.

We're going with crossbow until someone can definitely prove otherwise. 

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