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If we didn't know better, we'd swear this was an outtake from the next Puck Daddy Photoshop expo ...

Things have been chaotic in Pittsburgh today, as police clashed with marchers protesting the Group of 20 summit. There was pepper spray by the cops, rocks thrown by the protesters and, as you can see, at least one Pittsburgh Penguins fan willing to risk his safety to rub it in about winning the Stanley Cup last season. (We're guessing there may have been some good natured goofing-on-the-protestors fun here, too.)

Hopefully he was able to hook up with the dude dressed as Troy Polamalu carrying a humungous Lombardi Trophy at some point. Or the guy dressed as a Pirates player, diving into trash cans for half-eaten sandwiches.

In case there's any confusion, this is clearly a replica of Lord Stanley's Chalice; if not for its proportional inconsistency with the real thing, then because those two knuckleheads from the Hall of Fame aren't trailing him in riot gear and white gloves.

Thanks to Seth from Empty Netters for the image.

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