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After a season-long hiatus, Icethetics, the one stop shop website for all your alternate hockey jersey rumors, has returned and didn't miss a beat from where they left off last October. With just a little over two months until the 2009-10 NHL season kicks off, summer is a time when the rumors about which teams will be debuting new jersey's in the Fall heat up.

The half dozen teams that Icethetics reports will have alternate looks this coming season are the Nashville Predators, Florida Panthers, Minnesota Wild, Calgary Flames, Chicago Blackhawks, and Colorado Avalanche. In Chicago's case, it's the franchise doing away with the all-black jersey and wearing their Winter Classic beauties on a consistent basis.

What about the other five teams? How are their new jersey's rumored to look?

Nashville: The Tennessean's John Glennon reported that team owner David Freeman revealed that the Predators third jerseys will have a "very traditional-looking jersey, with a design that 'came purely from some of the original six teams." That could go in many different directions, but if the jersey should resemble anything like this mock up, the checkerboard bottom won't help stall the NASCAR jokes.

Florida: Panthers beat writer George Richards of the Miami Herald wrote back in March that the team would debut a jersey similar to the previous alternate look for Minnesota but with blue instead of green. Gone is the leaping Panther, which will be replaced by 'Florida' above and 'Panthers' below a Panther head in the middle. As always, Icethetics provides reader concept art based off the rumors of these new looks.

Calgary: Not much information is out there as of now, but the team will be going away from the flaming 'C' and will join the bevy of other NHL teams in their fascination with an all-black look.

Minnesota: Their jersey will feature the popular Christmas green color with 'Minnesota Wild' written in script across the chest according to Michael Russo of the Star-Tribune. If it's anything like the rumored prototypes floating around the Internet, the jersey's remind of those popular Starter sweatshirts from the '90's.

Colorado: No word yet on what the design may hold but as long as it's not the diagonal 'COLORADO' we saw a few years ago, I'm happy.

From the concept art and rumored looks, what are your thoughts on these potential new looks? With Calgary and Colorado, what do you hope to see when they unveil their third jerseys for the '09-10 season?

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