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If you watched his interview between periods of Game 3, Alexander Ovechkin looked rather sleek; like a big Russian metrosexual version of Adam Levine of Maroon 5. (We know ... minus the Russian part, it's redundant.) If you dig that Ovie style, then perhaps you'll be interested in the launch of his hot hip new Streetwear Clothing Line with CCM:

Be one of the first in the world to see the NHL's hottest hockey star unveil his line of designer apparel before it hits store shelves, exclusively at Pro Hockey Life. Join Hart Trophy nominee, Alex Ovechkin as he hosts one of the most exclusive parties of the year at one of Toronto's hottest venues.

The hot venue in question, according to DC Sports Bog's Dan Steinberg, is the "pan-Asian hipster hangout Spice Route." Steinberg is also impressed that international fashion designer Roger Edwards will be in the house as well, and believes that Ovie may have actually trumped the recent publicity efforts of another famous D.C. athlete. "Roger Edwards unveiling Streetwear designed in your honor at a hip Buddhist-themed Toronto nightspot definitely trumps an Internet-only high-school themed cartoon. Your move, Gilbert."

For the record, we've seen the way Ovechkin dresses away from the rink. And while we're more than willing to give this new Streetwear line a chance ... we'll stick to the discount rack at Target, thank you. Besides, we really have no idea what "Streetwear" means, besides ugly sneakers that cost way more than we're willing to pay.

H/T to the Bog.

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