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Just in case you were still wondering if Alex Ovechkin(notes) is actually running his own Twitter feed:

Alex Ovechkin happy to be back in the Toronto part of U.S.

Our first theory was that the Washington Capitals captain is actually a Jumper, and subsequent tweets would prove this. ("Hi guys!I'm back in Russia now Im in Rome now Im on top of the great pyramid oh noes Sam Jackson is chasing Ovi!")

Our second theory is that Ovechkin has come back to the U.S. but is merely stopping in Toronto for, oh, say a video shoot or something.

Our third theory is that he thinks Toronto is in the United States ... which actually might qualify him for citizenship in parts of Quebec.

Meanwhile, the world waits for his comment on Jagr to the Flyers. ("Hi guys!I'm knocking out a 39 yr old and now Im in Cabo.")

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