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Most hockey-related Wikipedia vandalisms are the Internet equivalent of a prank call to a bowling alley: Make the easy joke about 12-pound balls, hang up and high-five your buddy. There is a laugh to be had when someone sneaks a reference to "Cindy Crosby" past the eagle-eyed wiki editors. But we'd hardly label it an exemplary accomplishment.

On the other hand, the current state (as of 1:40 p.m. EDT) of New York Rangers forward Colton Orr's Wikipedia page is a work of absurdist art; from his strange relationship with winger Patrick Rissmiller to this inside information:

"During games in which Orr makes himself a healthy scratch, he opts to sit in Rissmiller's locker room stall and chews tobacco, or what he calls 'long conversations with Scotty Skoal,' which he then finishes off by shotgunning cans of with trainer Jim Ramsay."

After the jump, a screen capture of a rather amazing work of digital defacement.

Thanks to Puck Daddy reader Adam for the tip. Here's the Orr Wiki-vandalism:

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