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Please recall yesterday's hilarious clip in which Adam Mair of the Buffalo Sabres decided to let his displeasure about on-ice events be known near the Ottawa Senators' locker room; calling out Chris Neil and then shouting at Jarkko Ruutu and Luke Richardson while cameras rolled.

Mair's Ontario accent garbled up much of his outrage, reducing his tirade to the words "joke" and that wonderful four-letter expletive you'll find in most first-grade English classes in New Jersey public schools. It was still embarrassing enough to earn Mair a maximum fine of $2,500.

Mair spoke to the media today after practice, answering questions about the incident as only Adam Mair can. From Nick Mendola of WGR 550:

When asked what he was trying to communicate to the Senators, he said, "We don't play those guys until January, so I wanted to wish them a Happy Halloween."

What did they say back?

"I think they said Merry Christmas."

The Buffalo News' John Vogl asked if Mair was trying to talk to Chris Neil or Jaarko Ruutu?

"It's Halloween for everybody, John."

This Friday, Mair will be going out trick-or-treating as a poor man's Matthew Barnaby. Oh, and for the record, Richardson's going as a traffic cone while Jarkko's going as Flea from the Chili Peppers -- again.

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