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Reader Chris F. pointed us to Jim Balsillie's Twitter feed (@jimbalsillie), which looks and reads just about right ... even if "It's been a pretty good week, and not just because I won at Subway Scrabble!" set our crap detectors off.

So we reached out to Ed Lee, Managing Director of com.motion, who is doing media relations work for Jim Balsillie's team. We asked him if this was in fact the billionaire that is leading the charge to move the Phoenix Coyotes to southern Ontario. Here was his reply:

That's right: @jimbalsillie is not actually Jim Balsillie or anyone on his team.

Jim is not on Twitter (and nor is Gary Bettman). @makeitseven is not us either.

We are very lucky to have such passionate fans in Southern Ontario who are so excited by and focused on bringing a team up here.

So unless there's been a communication breakdown, Lee contends it's not Balsillie but "Balsillie."

Regarding Bettman, The Tennessean has called him a "confirmed Twitterer" and his feed is @Commish_Gary. He's put a lot of time into it, if it's him.

We just wish "Gary Bettman" would get back on the horse. Sample prose: "Placed an Ad in the Phoenix Gazette - Wanted Sweet and loving Sugar Daddy not afraid of losing millions of dollars. Must not want to relocate."

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