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Japers' Rink with the find of the day so far: The Reebok Washington Capitals Alexander Ovechkin 2008 Hart Trophy T-shirt from Shop.NHL.com (link soon to be dead, we're sure). Item No. 3097412, retails for $19.99, and celebrates an award he hasn't won yet ... at least publicly. The description:

The Hart Memorial Trophy, originally known as the Hart Trophy, the "oldest and most prestigious individual award in hockey," is awarded annually to the Most Valuable Player in the National Hockey League. Pay tribute to Alexander Ovechkin with this short-sleeve Reebok® Hart Trophy t-shirt. It features a dynamic image of Ovechkin, his name, number, replica signature, team logo, and "2007-08 Hart Trophy WINNER" graphic

To be honest, the League shouldn't catch a ton of heat for this unfortunate leak because there was really no chance in hell Ovechkin wasn't winning the Hart. That said: Better luck next year, Jarome Iginla of the Calgary Flames and Evgeni Malkin of the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What is it about the Washington Capitals and mind-boggling leaks of what should be well-guarded fashion secrets? And does the NHL Shop have a T-shirt of next season's Stanley Cup champions? If so, we're going to Vegas tonight ...

Huge H/T to Japers, once again.

UPDATE (5:10 p.m. EDT) -- We asked for, and have received, an official statement from the NHL about the release of the Alexander Ovechkin Hart Trophy T-shirt on Shop NHL:

In an effort to offer our fans the merchandise they want in a timely manner following an event such as the NHL Awards, our licensees prepare product for all possible outcomes. In this situation, the link for one of the possible products became live early through an error by our e-commerce provider. We regret the error and have since taken steps to amend.

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