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Earlier this month when the Anaheim Ducks' new affiliate revealed its name and logo, we noted that the Iowa Chops could very well be the worst nickname in professional hockey. That was before we noted that their logo resembled the one for some organization called "Changing Homosexuals into Ordinary People."

There's a grand tradition in minor league sports where teams use ridiculous publicity stunts to divert attention from unmitigated disasters. So if you've named your hockey team after a cut of meat and the majority ruled that it's an embarrassment, there's only one way to go: Offering Brett Favre a contract to play hockey.

From the (gag) Iowa Chops:

Could sports fans see Brett Favre in an Iowa Chops jersey?  If Chops President Steve Nitzel has his way, Favre may be coming out of retirement to sign a playing contract with of all teams... the Iowa Chops.  "Brett is one of the greatest American athletes of the past 50 years and deserves a place to play, so we are extending an offer to him to become the newest member of the Iowa Chops Hockey team of the American Hockey League," said Nitzel.


Nitzel said the Iowa Chops have contacted and will be sending a contract to Brett Favre's agent, James ‘Bus' Cook Jr., in hopes that the quarterback will consider signing with the Iowa Chops.  "We live in a beautiful, Midwestern city here in Des Moines and play in a state-of-the-art major league venue at Wells Fargo Arena, so that meets Brett's criteria of places to play," said Nitzel.  "We wanted to be the first team to offer him something new and challenging, and I believe he will enjoy the thrill of raising the Calder Cup just as much as he did the Vince Lombardi Trophy back in 1997."

Look, it's all in good fun and yadda yadda ... but is it too much to ask an AHL affiliate not to act like some D-list bush league franchise trotting out the hockey playing donkey to get five extra tickets sold? Seriously, at least Manute Bol actually got in the uniform. But hey, mission accomplished: People stopped talking about how awful your name, logo and team philosophy are. At least for an hour.

Besides, Favre would make a lousy hockey player. We don't tolerate gargantuan levels of intercepted passes in our game.

(Thanks to Puck Daddy reader Kimberly for the tip.)

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