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The phrase "now there's something you don't see everyday" is often misapplied in our culture. In fact, a fly eating a spider or a bacon cheeseburger made on a Krispy Kreme donut may be more commonplace than the declaration infers.

But a nun riding side-saddle on a Zamboni at a minor league hockey game? Now there's something you don't see everyday:

This scene is from Saturday night's Texas Stars (Dallas Stars affiliate) 3-0 victory over the visiting Oklahoma City Barons (Edmonton Oilers affiliate) in AHL action. The Stars offer Zamboni rides as part of their fan promotions, and were blessed with this special guest.

Steve, who blogs at Maggi Picayune, was there for a glimpse at this odd moment:

Anyway, at last night's game, one of the Zamboni honorees was a Dominican nun from a school around here. I recognized the habit since they were the order at my last grade school St. Agnes and we were altar boys for the nearby convent. I joked with my friends (after yelling at them to sit down when they ruined an earlier shot): you've heard of the Popemobile, get ready for the Nunboni!

Here are two more imagines of this divine resurfacing. Wonder if the Stars plan to make a habit out of this ...

No word if the nun later appeared in the sin bin, whacking the knuckles of penalized players with a wooden ruler.

Stick tap to reader "lm tb" for the image.

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