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After the jump, more shots from the red grey blue carpet at last night's premiere of the hockey comedy "The Love Guru" in Los Angeles; including some fetching eye-candy, Chris Osgood of the Detroit Red Wings parading the Cup, and Justin Timberlake wearing what appears to be a garbage bag.

Ladies and gents, the star of "The Love Guru." No, not the guy from "Sprockets"; Romany Malco from "The 40 Year Old Virgin," featured on the poster behind him. You'll notice that Malco's character is No. 77 for the Toronto Maple Leafs. This is what happens when you have a huge Leafs fan like Mike Myers writing the film, as the Leafs have indeed never had a No. 77, according to TMLFever.com. They have had a No. 88 ... but let's not dwell on the negative here. Kudos to Wayne Campbell for trying to recreate that great Lloyd Bridges gag from "Airplane!" where he's posing just like the painting behind him.

On your right is Meagan Good, "The Love Guru" co-star who has been featured on "Roll Bounce," "Stomp the Yard" and New York Jets running back Thomas Jones. On your left is the ubiquitous Tila Tequila, who would like you all to know that she's bisexual and that she's determined to finally find true love, even if it means 10 more seasons ripping off Flava Flav's VH1 show.

Fresh off his amazing duet with Nicklas Lidstrom on "The Tonight Show," Chris Osgood brought the Stanley Cup to this Hollywood premiere. Publicists spent hours explaining who Osgood was to baffled entertainment journalists that were now convinced Ron Howard had actually directed "The Love Guru."

Meanwhile, The Onion reports that Osgood may be getting a tad too attached to the Stanley Cup. In a sexual way.

Finally, here's Justin Timberlake, doing his always-winning impression of Robert DeNiro in "Awakenings." Can you imagine being famous enough where you can wear a jacket made out of a Hefty bag and likely still be called a fashion trendsetter?

In explaining his love of JT, Myers said, "I have a talent crush, I'm envious, he's a great hockey player. He just played golf for the first time and got under a 100 or some crazy-good thing. You meet Justin and I ask you if it's not appropriate for me to have a man crush."

If Mike Myers calling Justin Timberlake "a great hockey player" doesn't put the Leafs' personnel problems in the proper perspective, nothing will.

We'll have more "The Love Guru" coverage next week, with some exciting interviews and a Puck Daddy review of the film.

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