NHL unveils colourless eco-friendly All-Star jerseys

Justin Cuthbert

Eschewing the use of colour in the ideation of the 2019 NHL All-Star jerseys shows questionable logic at best, but for a league that outfits each visiting team in the same shade of white, it really isn’t at all surprising.

Designed by manufacturing partner Adidas, these colourless and rather uninspired threads for the tournament portion of the showcase weekend in San Jose were unveiled to the public on Wednesday, and to little fanfare.

“From threat to thread,” the All-Star jerseys are the first from the NHL that feature repurposed and up-cycled material, so we’re willing to concede that at least the league and Adidas’ intentions were of the good variety, here.

But in many respects, the rather drab design helps hammer home the question: Is the NHL doing everything it possibly can to make the game more appealing to fans?

I’m not sure dressing the players in jerseys distinguishable only by their own shaded-in logo (though thankfully it’s not the generic NHL crest) helps accomplish that.

But, hey.


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