NHL Power Rankings: Are Bruins, Blues on track for Stanley Cup rematch?

Joe Haggerty
NBC Sports Boston

If and when the NHL season resumes, we'll see a Stanley Cup Playoffs unlike any postseason that has preceded it.

But when all is said and done, we could see the exact same two teams battling for the Cup as we saw one year ago.

The Bruins and Blues were both leading their respective conferences when the season was put on pause, and though it remains to be seen if Boston and St. Louis will earn top seeds, they are among the favorites to emerge from the 24 teams who are poised to return to play this summer.

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But the new format of 24 teams for the playoffs with play-in rounds, round-robins and hub cities is a total crapshoot. We have no idea what will play as big-time strengths or weaknesses once the games start getting played, and how the time off is going to impact different players.

All we can really go on right now is how the teams looked when the regular season went on pause, how they played over the first six months of the regular season and how healthy some of those teams are now with months and months for their injured guys to heal up.

So with that, let's put together our modest power rankings of the remaining 24 teams that will proceed to the playoff round once things get going in July or August.

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NHL Power Rankings: Are Bruins, Blues on track for Stanley Cup rematch? originally appeared on NBC Sports Boston

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