NFL's worst-ever uniforms, from Color Rush and throwbacks to regrettable rebrandings

During the NFL's extensive history, there have been many great uniforms. There also have been some outfits that have widely been scorned. Here are the worst uniforms ever:

15. Washington Redskins

This team needed a total rebrand ... and in 2020, it finally had to drop its nickname and were renamed the Washington Football Team.

14. Baltimore Ravens' mustard pants

A bitter fight by Browns fans to keep their team's history and colors meant that the franchise ripped out of Cleveland and relocated to Baltimore following the 1995 season had to replace the Browns' classic football look with something else. That something else has since been reworked, but the color scheme and some other design elements remain (just not the "Flying B" helmet logo). It's a typically tawdry 1990s uniform. However, for one game during the 2015 season, the Ravens took it a step further and wore mustard-colored pants. The Ravens got pantsed in that game by the playoff-bound Kansas City Chiefs, and the look hasn't resurfaced since.

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13. Tennessee Titans

For the 2018 season, the Titans — after 19 seasons since going away from the Houston Oilers' stylish look — finally changed their uniforms. The shift was underwhelming. The "flaming thumbtack" helmet logo remains. A blue helmet replaced the white lid, but a multitude of jersey-pant combos remain, the worst of which is the all-blue jersey-pants combo.

12. Minnesota Vikings' 2006-2012 uniforms

In 2006, the Vikings made the ill-advised decision to dramatically change their uniforms. The team followed the lead of the Arizona Cardinals and Atlanta Falcons — who had previously also turned away from their classic uniforms to fashion-forward looks with wild piping on the pants and accents on the shoulders. This look lasted seven seasons before the Vikings wised up and went with what the team currently wears.

11. Detroit Lions' all-grey uniforms

In 2003, the Lions went away from a look — featuring Honolulu blue jerseys and silver helmets — that the team had worn from its 1950s glory years through the Barry Sanders era. Since then, the team has tinkered with its uniforms on a number of occasions, adding black to the color palate and fangs to the logo while utilizing new face masks. In 2017, the Lions' change brought Honolulu blue back as the dominant color and also added grey alternate jerseys. And, on three occasions in the past two seasons, the Lions have worn these ugly all-grey uniforms.

The Lions wore their all-grey get-ups twice in the 2018 season.
The Lions wore their all-grey get-ups twice in the 2018 season.

10. Cincinnati Bengals' current uniforms

In 1981, the Bengals went with the tiger-striped helmet design the team wears to this day. It's unique, and people seem to either love it or hate it. In 2004, the Bengals unveiled an updated look that the team continues to feature: white paneling on the jerseys, garish tiger stripes on the pants. That update also included mix-and-match jersey-pants combos, the worst of which is the white jersey-black pants look.

9. Pittsburgh Steelers' 1933 throwbacks

We're not talking specifically about the "bumblebee" uniforms, or even the ones with the yellow lids. We're talking about the throwback uniform the Steelers wore during the NFL's 75th season in 1994. The jerseys were inspired by the team's uniforms from its inaugural season in 1933 — when the Steelers were known as the Pirates (they became the Steelers in 1940). The jersey itself featured Pittsburgh's city seal on the front. The then-Pirates also wore the "bumblebee" uniforms in 1933. By 1934, both uniform sets were no longer a part of the team's identity.

8. Seattle Seahawks' lime green jerseys

In 2009, and then again as part of its Color Rush look, the Seahawks went lime green. While the team went full "Action Green" the previous three seasons for Color Rush, the look had its roots as a one-off a decade ago for a game against the Chicago Bears. In general, the team's uniforms from 2002-11 were a substantial downgrade from the look the Seahawks sported from its inaugural season in 1976 until 2001, or even the team's current look that was adopted in 2012.

7. Denver Broncos' AFL throwbacks

During their first two seasons in the American Football League — and then again during the 50th anniversary celebration of the AFL in 2009 — the Broncos wore yellow and brown uniforms. The most eye-popping feature of these uniforms were the vertically striped socks. The uniforms were so unpopular that the team held a public burning ceremony in 1962 to further rid the team of the hideous look.

The Broncos brought these uniforms back during the 50th anniversary celebration of the AFL.
The Broncos brought these uniforms back during the 50th anniversary celebration of the AFL.

6. Tampa Bay Buccaneers' current uniforms

The Buccaneers went to their current eyesores in 2014, and — like most uniform changes — it was an unmitigated disappointment.

5. Miami Dolphins' current uniforms

In a move that has upset nobody, the Dolphins have been wearing throwbacks more frequently lately. The new helmet-less Dolphins logo was part of a 2013 rebrand that coincided with a massive renovation of the team's stadium. For the 2018 season, the Dolphins have tweaked the look (still ugly), but will continue to wear throwbacks (still awesome).

4. Denver Broncos' current uniforms

In 1997, the Broncos switched from one of the NFL's all-time great uniforms to what the team continues to wear to this day. Like many uniforms born out of the 1990s, it's dreadful. The ugliest blend is the all-navy blue uniforms. Just stop it, please.

3. Jacksonville Jaguars' Color Rush

The Jaguars seemingly change their uniforms every year ... and still can't get it right. In the two-toned helmet era, the Jaguars' Color Rush all-mustard uniforms set a new low for a team that's always had an ugly look.

This Jaguars-Titans Color Rush "Thursday Night Football" game from 2016 might be one of the worst uniform matchups in league history.
This Jaguars-Titans Color Rush "Thursday Night Football" game from 2016 might be one of the worst uniform matchups in league history.

2. Carolina Panthers' teal jerseys

Unlike their expansion brethren, the Panthers have kept their uniforms mostly the same since entering the league a quarter century ago. Neither approach has worked for the expansion class of 1995. Teams change uniforms all the time in the name of marketing and merchandising. So, Carolina, do the right thing and do a complete uniform overhaul.

1. Philadelphia Eagles 1934 throwbacks

In 2007, to commemorate the team's 75th anniversary season, the Eagles wore uniforms from their 1934 season. The uniforms were historically ugly, the Eagles' on-field performance while wearing them wasn't. Philadelphia dump trucked the Detroit Lions, 56-21, while sporting the throwbacks.

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