NFLPA shares grades for Bears coaches, owners, facilities

NFLPA shares grades for Bears coaches, owners, facilities originally appeared on NBC Sports Chicago

For a second year in a row, the NFL Players’ Association released its report card for each team in the league. The Bears improved in some areas, like treatment of families, compared to last year. But they still lagged behind in others. Overall they remain one of the highest-graded teams in the league and ranked 10th for their cumulative grade.

The NFLPA surveyed over 1,700 players across the league to put together their report cards and “to not only help them make important career decisions, but also help raise standards across the league.”

We’ll go through all of the Bears’ grades, in order of best to worst.


Last year’s grade: A
NFL rank: 6th

Bears players said they have high-quality equipment to use and that they have more than enough space to work out.


Last year’s grade: A
NFL rank: 4th

It makes sense that the Bears’ facilities rank among the best in the league, considering the Bears finished a huge renovation at Halas Hall in 2019. Every single Bears player polled said they had enough space in the locker room.


Last year’s grade: A+
NFL rank: 6th

Almost all the Bears believe the team has enough tub space and trainers, but 84% of the players polled said they have enough physical therapists.


Last year’s grade: N/A
NFL rank: 13th

This was a new category on the report card, and the McCaskeys got a 8.9/10 score from players when considering their willingness to invest in the facilities.


Last year’s grade: C-
NFL rank: 6th

This was a big jump for the Bears. Last year, only 78% of players polled said they had enough room to stretch out when they hit the road. This year 90% of players said they had a comfortable amount of personal space.


Last year’s grade: A-
NFL rank: 10th

Almost all the Bears think they get enough one-on-one training, but they said trainers “moderately” contribute to their success.


Last year’s grade: N/A
NFL rank: 25th

Another new category. Matt Eberflus got dinged because only 81% of players polled said he’s efficient with their time and they characterized him as “somewhat willing to listen to the locker room.”


Last year’s grade: C-
NFL rank: 11th

The NFLPA singled this out as an area that has improved for the Bears since last year’s report card. The team now offers daycare on gameday and gave families a private tent to sit and watch training camp. Players polled across both seasons said “the team is generally more caring toward the family this season.”


Last year’s grade: D+
NFL rank: 24th

Last year, the NFLPA lumped together food services and dieticians. This year they broke them out into two separate categories. Only 69% of players said they felt like they got a personalized nutrition plan from the team.


Last year’s grade: D+
NFL rank: 21st

Another bump from last year, but the Bears still don’t think the food at Halas Hall is particularly good. The team ranked 24th overall in food taste and 20th in food freshness. The polled players also said they would like healthier options and do not believe the food maximizes their performance.

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