San Francisco 49ers

 | 0-0
  • Passing Yards
    265.4 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    118.9 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    384.3 YPG
KRe-signed (Four-year contract (through 2022))
TRe-signed (Two-year extension (through 2021))
LBAcquired from waiver (Signed) To
CBSigned (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
RBSigned (Signed) To
LBCut (Signed)
SSigned (Signed) To
DECut (Signed)
CBSigned (Three-year contract (through 2021))
SCut (Signed)
TESigned/unrest FA (Signed) From
WRSigned (Signed) To
TECut (Signed)
CSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
DECut (Signed)
RBSigned (Three-year contract (through 2021))
LBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
GAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
RBCut (Signed)
DTSigned (Signed)
SSigned (Signed)
LBSigned (Signed)
QBSigned (Signed)
GSigned (Signed)
CBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
WRSigned (Signed)
TSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
TESigned (Signed)
TESigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
WRSigned (Signed)
LBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
SSigned (Signed)
WRSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
DTSigned (Signed)
GTeam declines option (Fifth-year option on rookie contract)
SAcquired from waiver (Signed) To
LBActivated from PUPL (Signed) To
PSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2022))
SCut (Signed)
PCut (Signed)
WRCut (Signed)
LBCut (Signed)
CBCut (Signed)
SCut (Signed)
WRCut (Signed)
LBTraded (w/ pick for 2019 fifth-round draft pick) To
DTTeam exercises option (Fifth-year option on rookie contract)
GSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
DTReinstated (Signed)
CBRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2019))
TSigned (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
DESigned (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
DESigned (One-year contract (through 2019)) To
PSigned (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
SRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019))
LBRe-signed/unrest FA (Three-year contract (through 2021))
DECut (Signed)
SRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019))
RBRe-signed/rest FA (Three-year contract (through 2021))
LBRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2019))
WRSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
LBSigned (Five-year contract (through 2023))
LBSigned/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2020)) From
RBSigned/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2020)) From
CBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2019)) From
LBCut (Signed)
SDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
PSigned/unrest FA (Four-year contract (through 2022)) To
RBRestricted Free Agent (Signed)
LBSigned/unrest FA (Four-year contract (through 2022)) From
LBTraded (for 2020 second-round draft pick) From
RBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
SDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
NTDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
PDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
WRDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
LBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
SDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
NTTeam declines option (Signed)
TERe-signed (Four-year extension (through 2022))
KSigned (Two-year contract (through 2020)) From
WRTeam declines option (Signed)
CBTeam exercises option (One-year option (through 2019))
LBTeam exercises option (One-year option (through 2019))
DETeam exercises option (One-year option (through 2019))
RBTeam exercises option (One-year option (through 2019))
CRe-signed (Three-year extension (through 2021))
KDesignated franchise player (non-exclusive franchise tag)
TCut (Signed)
DEReinstated (Signed)
WRSigned (Signed) To
TCut (Signed)
DTSigned (Signed) From
SPract. squad add (Signed) To
GSigned (Signed)
WRSigned (Signed)
CBSigned (Signed)
TESigned (Signed)
TSigned (Signed)
TESuspension lifted (Signed)
SSigned (Signed)
WRActive/prac. squad (Signed)
DEActive/prac. squad (Signed)
LBActive/prac. squad (Signed) To
WRActive/prac. squad (Signed)
WRPract. squad add (Signed) From
SSigned (Signed) From
WRActive/prac. squad (Signed) To