Carolina Panthers

  • Passing Yards
    233.2 PYPG
  • Rushing Yards
    138.4 RYPG
  • Total Yards Per Game
    371.7 YPG
RBSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018)) From
LBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
SSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
CBSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
DTSigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
LBSigned (Four-year contract (through 2021))
DESigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
TESigned/draft choice (Four-year contract (through 2021))
RBAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
RBSigned (One-year contract (through 2018)) From
SSigned (One-day contract) To
TECut (Signed)
TSigned (Signed) From
GSigned (Signed)
GSigned (Signed)
GSigned (Signed)
LBSigned (Signed)
QBSigned (Signed)
RBSigned (Signed)
DTSigned (Signed)
TERe-signed (Two-year extension (through 2020))
LBTeam exercises option (Fifth-year option on rookie contract)
TESuspended (4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs))
QBAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
TESigned (One-year contract (through 2018)) To
WRSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018)) To
LBSuspended (4 games (NFL Policy on PEDs))
TESigned (Two-year contract (through 2019)) To
WRSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018)) To
TRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018))
CBRe-signed/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018))
SSigned (Two-year contract (through 2019)) From
CBSigned/unrest FA (Two-year contract (through 2019)) From
TSigned/unrest FA (One-year contract (through 2018)) From
WRSigned (Three-year contract (through 2020)) From
TAcquired from waiver (Signed) From
TESigned/unrest FA (Three-year contract (through 2020)) To
GSigned/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2022)) To
DTSigned/unrest FA (Three-year contract (through 2020)) From
GDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TEDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
CBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
QBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
WRTraded (for CB Daryl Worley) From
WRDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TEDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
DTSigned/unrest FA (Five-year contract (through 2022) To
CBSigned (One-year contract (through 2018)) To
WRDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
GDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
SDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
DTDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
LBDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
DERe-signed (One-year contract (through 2018))
WRDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
TDeclared Free Agent (Signed)
CBTraded (for WR Torrey Smith) To
RBSigned (Two-year contract (through 2019)) To
DTRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2018))
TERe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2018))
CRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2018))
WRRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2018))
PRe-signed/excl. FA (One-year tender (through 2018))
CBCut (Signed)
KRe-signed (Four-year contract (through 2021))
SSigned (Three-year contract (through 2020)) To
RBCut (Signed)
TAcquired from waiver (Signed) To
TCut (Signed)
SCut (Signed)
DECut (Signed)