NFL Playoffs

Playoff Offense Stats
311.9 (22) Yds 365.8 (4)
105.6 (23) Rush 73.6 (32)
206.3 (17) Pass 292.1 (2)
21.7 (20) Pts 26.7 (3)
Playoff Defense Stats
237.2 (1) Yds 331.5 (19)
80.3 (2) Rush 110.3 (16)
156.9 (1) Pass 221.3 (22)
13.9 (1) Pts 26.6 (28)


  • AFC North Champions
  • 12-4 (6-2 road)
  • No. 2 seed


  • NFC West Champions
  • 9-7 (6-2 home)
  • No. 4 seed


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Y! Sports Expert Picks

Y! Sports Expert Picks
Away Expert Home Reason
Pittsburghin 0 Jason Cole As tempting as it is to pick the Cardinals, it's hard to go against Pittsburgh's defense. As fast as Arizona quarterback Kurt Warner is with the ball, the Steelers are just as fast getting there.
Michael Silver Arizonain 0 After rolling with the Cardinals as underdogs three times in these playoffs, did you really think I'd give up on them before the biggest game of all? That's right, I'm changing my pick: Arizona over Pittsburgh on a Warner to Boldin TD pass.
Pittsburghin 0 James C. Black I've been picking against the Cardinals all postseason, so why change now? Pittsburgh will find a way to consistently harass Kurt Warner, and Larry Fitzgerald will have a much harder time getting open.
Pittsburghin 0 Charles Robinson The Cardinals haven't faced an elite pass rush like Pittsburgh's. The Steelers have an adept ability to shut down the run, then destroy timing with the blitz and create the kind of hurried passes that translate into turnovers.


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