Herb Donaldson

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 221
College: Western Illinois
Birth Place: St. Louis, Missouri
Draft: Undrafted
  • Titans player cut finger on beer, not catfish, at Predators game
    Puck Daddy

    Titans player cut finger on beer, not catfish, at Predators game

    Tennessee Titans offensive lineman Taylor Lewan had to cut through the rumor and innuendo. Lewan attended Game 6 of the Western Conference Final with several Titans teammates, including Quinton Spain and Ben Jones, because literally everyone with a modicum of fame is attending Predators playoff games from country music to pro wresting to the NFL. During the game, he partook in two of the great traditions at Predators games.

  • Titans Links: "He’ll do something in practice."
    Music City Miracles

    Titans Links: "He’ll do something in practice."

    Titans Links! OTAs have begun! Whoo! whoo. Phase three of the offseason program began yesterday. It was the first of 10 OTAs scheduled. It is the beginning of things going in motion. Mularkey said this is the first time the offense and defense can compete, and that it will be good for the team to have competition on the field again. Mularkey also said he is ready to go, and the players are too. Casey says the team is where they left off last year, and that this year has a different feel than in years past. Ben Jones says the team is ready to turn things up a notch. Quick Hit: Mariota was limited at OTAs, but happy with his recovery. Wyatt gives us three quick notes from yesterday's OTAs. A year

  • Wade Phillips discusses "Music City Miracle" in new memoir
    Buffalo Rumblings

    Wade Phillips discusses "Music City Miracle" in new memoir

    The “Music City Miracle” is a play that will live in infamy in Buffalo. The Buffalo Bills had kicked a go-ahead field goal late in a Wild Card playoff game against the Tennessee Titans. Then, depending on your perspective, the Bills were robbed by the refs or Tennessee had the greatest legal kick return in NFL history. In his new book, Son of Bum, Wade Phillips described what happened in those fateful moments. Then the head coach of the Bills, Phillips lays the blame squarely at one of his assistant coach’s feet. “Bruce DeHaven, our special-teams coach who had been with the Bills a long time, came up to me and said, ‘You want to kick it deep?’” After Phillips answered in the affirmative, DeHaven