Graham Gano

Graham Gano

Height/Weight: 6' 2"/202 lbs
Born: Arbroath, Scotland
College: Florida State
Draft: Undrafted
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    Turner Prize 2021: Salmon farming and neurodiversity explored

    The work on display is from five collectives who help to "inspire social change through art".

  • Associated Press

    San José to apologize for 1887 Chinatown destruction

    The city of San José was once home to one of the largest Chinatowns in California. More than a century after arsonists burned it to the ground in 1887, the San José City Council is expected to approve a resolution Tuesday to apologize to Chinese immigrants and their descendants for the role the city played in “systemic and institutional racism, xenophobia, and discrimination.” San José, with a population over 1 million, is the largest city in the country to formally apologize to the Chinese community for its treatment of their ancestors.


    If You Experience Tension Headaches, a Physical Therapist Wants You to Try This Neck Stretch

    @dr.afehr.dpt ☑️ Can be really helpful for tension headaches and the like #neckpain #tensionheadache #chiro #medstudent ♬ Ride It - Regard Neck stretches are like candy to me - when I find one that eases my muscles with just the right motion, it's a treat I plan to keep in my back pocket in times of need. Adam Fehr, PT, DPT, CSCS, offered a handy way to stretch your neck at the base of your skull to help alleviate neck pain and tension headaches.