Gosder Cherilus

Gosder Cherilus

Height/Weight: 6' 7"/316 lbs
Born: Somerville, Massachusetts
College: Boston College
Draft: 2008 1st round (17th pick) by the

    Gosder Cherilus reflects on the life lessons learned at Boston College and the NFL

    Gosder Cherilus was chosen as a tackle on the Globe's All-Time All-Scholastic football team . As part of the project, he discussed his football life with us. Responses have been edited for brevity and clarity. Q: Looking back at some of the old stories, I read that you, Jolonn Dunbar, Tyrone Pruitt, and BJ Raji all decided to get blonde Mohawks before the 2006 season. Do you remember that? GC: Yeah, we did. I think it was just one of these things where we're done with training camp and we're trying to have some fun with being on campus, because what most people don't understand is we're on campus six weeks before the regular students come back. So it's the grind everyday. You do the same thing