Joe Giles-Harris

Joe Giles-Harris

Height/Weight: 6' 2"/234 lbs
College: Duke
Draft: Undrafted
  • KAAL Austin

    House passes domestic terrorism bill after Buffalo attack

    The measure seeks to prevent another attack like the one that took place in Buffalo on Saturday. Police say an 18-year-old white man drove three hours to carry out a racist, livestreamed shooting rampage in a crowded supermarket. Ten people were killed.


    Where were you? Another defining moment in Buffalo history

    Buffalo, N.Y. (WBEN) - Where were you May 14, 2022? Unfortunately, there is another moment in Buffalo history we'll all remember for decades to come and the stories about the massacre that occurred at Tops Market on Jefferson Avenue will span generations. Alerts on phones, texts from friends, the breaking news coverage on radio and tv, will all be etched in our memories, remining us of the horror that unfolded on that date and the senseless loss that overcame a community.

  • WBFO

    With tragedy closing a supermarket, new light shines on Buffalo's East Side "food deserts"

    Numerous partnerships and volunteer projects have emerged to help the neighborhood address food needs, while Tops remains closed indefinitely following last weekend’s killings on the property. It’s the only supermarket in that neighborhood, and the only supermarket for many miles around. Much of Buffalo’s East Side is considered a “food desert,” with a lack of healthy food options available for quick access.