Scott Vallone

Height: 6' 3"
Weight: 275
College: Rutgers
Birth Place: Central Islip, New York
Draft: Undrafted
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    What would Tom Brady get, if he pushed for top dollar?

    The Derek Carr contract raises plenty of questions regarding the deals to come for plenty of quarterbacks. While the Patriots could find a way to funnel some extra cash to the most underpaid player in the league as a supplement to a current agreement that runs through 2019, Brady never has (and never will) try to break the bank. What if Brady opted to drive a hard bargain, grabbing every dollar he could get, whether by holding out or playing out his deal and doing the year-to-year franchise-tag game?

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    Devonta Freeman says he would have been Super Bowl MVP if Falcons kept him in game

    Devonta Freeman is having a hard time letting go of the Atlanta Falcons' Super Bowl LI loss to the New England Patriots, and that includes what he perceives as his own lost chance at winning MVP of the game. "I hate to go there but I was supposed to be the MVP this year of the Super Bowl, but it's all good, we got another shot," the Falcons running back said Wednesday on SiriusXM Blitz. "I don't want to make this no competition thing with me and my quarterback ( Matt Ryan). I'm just talking about from based off that game. Let's (say) it like this: if I would have kept getting the ball, if I would have stayed in the game, I don't know why I got out of the game actually. "But if I would have stayed

  • Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell gets a new deal . . . with Scholastic Books

    Patriots WR Malcolm Mitchell gets a new deal . . . with Scholastic Books

    Second-year Patriots receiver Malcolm Mitchell already had a children's book published before he was drafted last year. Now he has a three-book deal with children's book publisher Scholastic.  The three books will include a newly-illustrated edition of his self-published first crack at the children's book genre, "The Magician Hat," according to the Associated Press. That will come out in May of next year and be followed up by two more original works.  Mitchell has been a children's literacy advocate since before joining the Patriots. That he joined a reading club -- made up mostly of women twice his age or more -- was quickly seized upon by multiple media outlets in the build-up to last year's