Laron Scott

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 184
College: Georgia Southern
Birth Place: Stone Mountain, Georgia
Draft: Undrafted
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    Sheldon Richardson: Locker room better without Brandon Marshall

    FLORHAM PARK, N.J. -- Defensive tackle Sheldon Richardson says the New York Jets' locker room is a better place without wide receiver? Brandon Marshall. Richardson, who nearly came to blows with Marshall last season after a Week 3 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs, took a belated parting shot Tuesday on the first day of OTA practices. "The locker room is a whole lot easier to get along with now," Richardson told reporters. Asked to elaborate, he smiled and said, "Man oh man, y'all are thirsty. Let's just say I've got 15 reasons why it's better." That was a reference to Marshall, who wore No. 15. Marshall requested his release after the season and signed with the New York Giants. He didn't return

  • Twerking still banned by NFL, but lots of other celebrations are about to become legal

    Twerking still banned by NFL, but lots of other celebrations are about to become legal

    The Louisiana youth coach couldn’t help but notice the deterioration of interest; his players and even his four sons began turning off the NFL game on television to turn on the NFL video game. At least then there’d be personality and showmanship and sizzle, not yellow flags raining down on the field for yet another delay in between commercials. “You have kids playing Madden being bored watching a Sunday game at home,” the coach said. “They’re just looking for the excitement.” The coach is Joe Horn, the former NFL wide receiver who in 2003 took a bland Sunday night game and poured on the spice. After a second-quarter touchdown catch, Horn got up and ran toward the field goal post, where he had

  • Why I'm A Fan of Notre Dame Football
    One Foot Down

    Why I'm A Fan of Notre Dame Football

    I don't exactly know why I'm a fan of Notre Dame football, but I've got a couple of good theories. First and foremost, I was a bandwagon fan in all sports. I lived in New Jersey growing up. I started watching baseball and football in 1986. The New York Mets won the World Series and the New York Giants won the Super Bowl. Those were my teams. I started watching the NHL the following year. The Edmonton Oilers won the Stanley Cup. So they were my team. (I now root for the Buffalo Sabres as a casual fan. They don't have a history of winning anything recently, but I live in New York now and I hate the New York Rangers. And c'mon, the New York Islanders? That's like being a New York Jets fan. Why would