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NFL Odds

NFL Championship Game - Winner

Buffalo Bills
Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Kansas City Chiefs
Green Bay Packers
Los Angeles Rams
San Francisco 49ers
Cleveland Browns
Dallas Cowboys
Denver Broncos
Los Angeles Chargers
Baltimore Ravens
Cincinnati Bengals
Arizona Cardinals
Indianapolis Colts
Tennessee Titans
New Orleans Saints
Las Vegas Raiders
New England Patriots
Minnesota Vikings
Philadelphia Eagles
Miami Dolphins
Washington Commanders
Pittsburgh Steelers
Chicago Bears
Seattle Seahawks
Atlanta Falcons
Carolina Panthers
Jacksonville Jaguars
New York Giants
Detroit Lions
New York Jets
Houston Texans

Exact Outcome – Divisions

AFC West to beat NFC West
NFC West to beat AFC West
AFC East to beat NFC West
AFC West to beat NFC South
AFC East to beat NFC South
NFC South to beat AFC West
NFC West to beat AFC East
AFC West to beat NFC East
AFC West to beat NFC North
AFC North to beat NFC West
NFC East to beat AFC West
NFC North to beat AFC West
NFC South to beat AFC East
AFC East to beat NFC East
AFC East to beat NFC North
NFC West to beat AFC North
AFC North to beat NFC South
NFC East to beat AFC East
NFC North to beat AFC East
NFC South to beat AFC North
AFC North to beat NFC East
AFC North to beat NFC North
AFC South to beat NFC West
NFC East to beat AFC North
NFC North to beat AFC North
AFC South to beat NFC South
NFC West to beat AFC South
AFC South to beat NFC East
AFC South to beat NFC North
NFC East to beat AFC South
NFC North to beat AFC South
NFC South to beat AFC South

AFC North - Exact Outcome

1st Ravens/2nd Bengals/3rd Browns/4th Steelers
1st Bengals/2nd Ravens/3rd Browns/4th Steelers
1st Ravens/2nd Browns/3rd Bengals/4th Steelers
1st Bengals/2nd Browns/3rd Ravens/4th Steelers
1st Browns/2nd Ravens/3rd Bengals/4th Steelers
1st Browns/2nd Bengals/3rd Ravens/4th Steelers
1st Ravens/2nd Bengals/3rd Steelers/4th Browns
1st Bengals/2nd Ravens/3rd Steelers/4th Browns
1st Ravens/2nd Browns/3rd Steelers/4th Bengals
1st Ravens/2nd Steelers/3rd Bengals/4th Browns
1st Bengals/2nd Steelers/3rd Ravens/4th Browns
1st Browns/2nd Ravens/3rd Steelers/4th Bengals
1st Ravens/2nd Steelers/3rd Browns/4th Bengals
1st Bengals/2nd Browns/3rd Steelers/4th Ravens
1st Steelers/2nd Ravens/3rd Bengals/4th Browns
1st Browns/2nd Bengals/3rd Steelers/4th Ravens
1st Steelers/2nd Bengals/3rd Ravens/4th Browns
1st Bengals/2nd Steelers/3rd Browns/4th Ravens
1st Browns/2nd Steelers/3rd Ravens/4th Bengals
1st Browns/2nd Steelers/3rd Bengals/4th Ravens
1st Steelers/2nd Ravens/3rd Browns/4th Bengals
1st Steelers/2nd Bengals/3rd Browns/4th Ravens
1st Steelers/2nd Browns/3rd Ravens/4th Bengals
1st Steelers/2nd Browns/3rd Bengals/4th Ravens

AFC West - Exact Outcome

1st Chiefs/2nd Chargers/3rd Broncos/4th Raiders
1st Chiefs/2nd Broncos/3rd Chargers/4th Raiders
1st Chargers/2nd Chiefs/3rd Broncos/4th Raiders
1st Broncos/2nd Chiefs/3rd Chargers/4th Raiders
1st Broncos/2nd Chargers/3rd Chiefs/4th Raiders
1st Chargers/2nd Broncos/3rd Chiefs/4th Raiders
1st Chiefs/2nd Chargers/3rd Raiders/4th Broncos
1st Chiefs/2nd Broncos/3rd Raiders/4th Chargers
1st Chargers/2nd Chiefs/3rd Raiders/4th Broncos
1st Broncos/2nd Chiefs/3rd Raiders/4th Chargers
1st Chiefs/2nd Raiders/3rd Broncos/4th Chargers
1st Chiefs/2nd Raiders/3rd Chargers/4th Broncos
1st Chargers/2nd Raiders/3rd Chiefs/4th Broncos
1st Raiders/2nd Chiefs/3rd Broncos/4th Chargers
1st Raiders/2nd Chiefs/3rd Chargers/4th Broncos
1st Chargers/2nd Broncos/3rd Raiders/4th Chiefs
1st Broncos/2nd Raiders/3rd Chiefs/4th Chargers
1st Broncos/2nd Chargers/3rd Raiders/4th Chiefs
1st Raiders/2nd Chargers/3rd Chiefs/4th Broncos
1st Broncos/2nd Raiders/3rd Chargers/4th Chiefs
1st Raiders/2nd Broncos/3rd Chiefs/4th Chargers
1st Chargers/2nd Raiders/3rd Broncos/4th Chiefs
1st Raiders/2nd Broncos/3rd Chargers/4th Chiefs
1st Raiders/2nd Chargers/3rd Broncos/4th Chiefs

NFC South - Exact Outcome

1st Buccaneers/2nd Saints/3rd Panthers/4th Falcons
1st Buccaneers/2nd Panthers/3rd Saints/4th Falcons
1st Buccaneers/2nd Saints/3rd Falcons/4th Panthers
1st Saints/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Panthers/4th Falcons
1st Buccaneers/2nd Falcons/3rd Saints/4th Panthers
1st Panthers/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Saints/4th Falcons
1st Saints/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Falcons/4th Panthers
1st Buccaneers/2nd Panthers/3rd Falcons/4th Saints
1st Buccaneers/2nd Falcons/3rd Panthers/4th Saints
1st Falcons/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Saints/4th Panthers
1st Panthers/2nd Saints/3rd Buccaneers/4th Falcons
1st Saints/2nd Panthers/3rd Buccaneers/4th Falcons
1st Panthers/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Falcons/4th Saints
1st Falcons/2nd Buccaneers/3rd Panthers/4th Saints
1st Saints/2nd Falcons/3rd Buccaneers/4th Panthers
1st Falcons/2nd Saints/3rd Buccaneers/4th Panthers
1st Falcons/2nd Panthers/3rd Buccaneers/4th Saints
1st Panthers/2nd Falcons/3rd Buccaneers/4th Saints
1st Saints/2nd Panthers/3rd Falcons/4th Buccaneers
1st Falcons/2nd Panthers/3rd Saints/4th Buccaneers
1st Falcons/2nd Saints/3rd Panthers/4th Buccaneers
1st Panthers/2nd Falcons/3rd Saints/4th Buccaneers
1st Panthers/2nd Saints/3rd Falcons/4th Buccaneers
1st Saints/2nd Falcons/3rd Panthers/4th Buccaneers

NFC East - Exact Outcome

1st Cowboys/2nd Eagles/3rd Commanders/4th Giants
1st Eagles/2nd Cowboys/3rd Commanders/4th Giants
1st Cowboys/2nd Eagles/3rd Giants/4th Commanders
1st Eagles/2nd Cowboys/3rd Giants/4th Commanders
1st Cowboys/2nd Commanders/3rd Eagles/4th Giants
1st Cowboys/2nd Giants/3rd Eagles/4th Commanders
1st Eagles/2nd Commanders/3rd Cowboys/4th Giants
1st Commanders/2nd Cowboys/3rd Eagles/4th Giants
1st Commanders/2nd Eagles/3rd Cowboys/4th Giants
1st Eagles/2nd Giants/3rd Cowboys/4th Commanders
1st Giants/2nd Cowboys/3rd Eagles/4th Commanders
1st Cowboys/2nd Commanders/3rd Giants/4th Eagles
1st Giants/2nd Eagles/3rd Cowboys/4th Commanders
1st Cowboys/2nd Giants/3rd Commanders/4th Eagles
1st Commanders/2nd Giants/3rd Cowboys/4th Eagles
1st Giants/2nd Cowboys/3rd Commanders/4th Eagles
1st Commanders/2nd Cowboys/3rd Giants/4th Eagles
1st Eagles/2nd Giants/3rd Commanders/4th Cowboys
1st Eagles/2nd Commanders/3rd Giants/4th Cowboys
1st Giants/2nd Eagles/3rd Commanders/4th Cowboys
1st Giants/2nd Commanders/3rd Cowboys/4th Eagles
1st Commanders/2nd Eagles/3rd Giants/4th Cowboys
1st Giants/2nd Commanders/3rd Eagles/4th Cowboys
1st Commanders/2nd Giants/3rd Eagles/4th Cowboys

AFC East - Exact Outcome

1st Bills/2nd Dolphins/3rd Patriots/4th Jets
1st Bills/2nd Patriots/3rd Dolphins/4th Jets
1st Dolphins/2nd Bills/3rd Patriots/4th Jets
1st Patriots/2nd Bills/3rd Dolphins/4th Jets
1st Bills/2nd Dolphins/3rd Jets/4th Patriots
1st Bills/2nd Patriots/3rd Jets/4th Dolphins
1st Dolphins/2nd Patriots/3rd Bills/4th Jets
1st Patriots/2nd Dolphins/3rd Bills/4th Jets
1st Bills/2nd Jets/3rd Dolphins/4th Patriots
1st Bills/2nd Jets/3rd Patriots/4th Dolphins
1st Dolphins/2nd Bills/3rd Jets/4th Patriots
1st Patriots/2nd Bills/3rd Jets/4th Dolphins
1st Jets/2nd Bills/3rd Dolphins/4th Patriots
1st Jets/2nd Bills/3rd Patriots/4th Dolphins
1st Dolphins/2nd Jets/3rd Bills/4th Patriots
1st Patriots/2nd Jets/3rd Bills/4th Dolphins
1st Jets/2nd Dolphins/3rd Patriots/4th Bills
1st Jets/2nd Patriots/3rd Bills/4th Dolphins
1st Dolphins/2nd Patriots/3rd Jets/4th Bills
1st Dolphins/2nd Jets/3rd Patriots/4th Bills
1st Patriots/2nd Dolphins/3rd Jets/4th Bills
1st Patriots/2nd Jets/3rd Dolphins/4th Bills
1st Jets/2nd Dolphins/3rd Bills/4th Patriots
1st Jets/2nd Patriots/3rd Dolphins/4th Bills

Exact Outcome

Bills to beat Buccaneers
Buccaneers to beat Bills
Bills to beat Packers
Bills to beat Rams
Chiefs to beat Buccaneers
Rams to beat Bills
Buccaneers to beat Chiefs
Bills to beat Cowboys
Bills to beat 49ers
Cowboys to beat Bills
Packers to beat Bills
Chiefs to beat Packers
Chiefs to beat Rams
Rams to beat Chiefs
49ers to beat Bills
Broncos to beat Buccaneers
Packers to beat Chiefs
Chiefs to beat 49ers
Chargers to beat Buccaneers
Ravens to beat Buccaneers
Bills to beat Eagles
Bengals to beat Buccaneers
Cowboys to beat Chiefs
Chiefs to beat Cowboys
49ers to beat Chiefs
Buccaneers to beat Broncos
Buccaneers to beat Chargers
Cardinals to beat Bills
Bills to beat Cardinals
Broncos to beat Packers
Broncos to beat Rams
Colts to beat Buccaneers
Chargers to beat Packers
Chargers to beat Rams
Rams to beat Broncos
Rams to beat Chargers
Eagles to beat Bills
Buccaneers to beat Ravens
Buccaneers to beat Bengals
Ravens to beat Packers