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When the lockout ends, expect a few days of glorious chaosBy nearly all accounts, the lockout will be ending later this week (and if it doesn't, given all that we've been told, a violent mob gathering outside of league offices would not feel like an inappropriate response).

When we're unlocked, expect teams to get a grace period of a few days to prepare themselves, followed by a flurry of free-agent pandemonium that will have every agent on the planet working his phone like Jerry Maguire right after Bob Sugar fired him. Drew Rosenhaus himself told ESPN's Mike and Mike on Tuesday morning that we can expect "the most active two-week period in the history of the NFL."

That'll probably be a nightmare for the league and the front offices, but it sounds like a hell of a lot of fun for you and me. Besides, after all of this, I will be disinclined, for a really long time, to feel any sympathy for the league.

Pat Kirwan of broke down what awaits us:

There will be acceleration in decision making when it comes to signings and trades in order to get the new roster into camp. With all this action happening so fast, can you imagine the chaos at 280 Park Avenue when the NFL has to review more than 1,000 contracts and renegotiations?

Can you imagine how difficult it will be to get a hold of a big-time agent to complete a deal with his client when he has 30 or 40 other clients looking for a deal?

Can you imagine what it will be like for a team's contract negotiator having to finish 40 contracts to get 90 players to camp?

All this in a span of about two weeks.

I'm excited. Think about all the bad decisions GMs make when they have weeks to plan and evaluate them. Accelerate that process by about 1,000 percent and it's anyone's guess what could happen. Someone's going to end up paying Johnnie Lee Higgins(notes) $85 million over four years due to a clerical error.

I expect Dan Snyder to just stack about $80 million in cash outside of Redskins Park, along with a sign that reads, "TAKE WHAT YOU THINK IS FAIR, AND PLEASE SHOW UP FOR THE START OF TRAINING CAMP."

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