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One way to deal with the mistake of jumping offside before a field attempt is to jump back onside before the ball is snapped. Another is to call timeout while still offside in an attempt to, I don't know, erase the previous two seconds or confuse the ref into thinking he didn't see the infraction?

Arizona Cardinals rookie Patrick Peterson(notes) went with the latter choice to amusing results on Sunday. It was the football equivalent of running a stop sign in front of a cop, taking your hands off the wheel in a "I didn't do it" manner and then smashing into a parked car.

Peterson was the fifth pick of this year's draft after a stellar career at LSU. Something tells me he picked up more than bump and run techniques from his coach, the Mad Hatter, Les Miles.

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Come to think of it, maybe Peterson momentarily thought he was Zack Morris and possessed the ability to stop time by calling timeout. Nevertheless, his biggest folly was trying to ice Shaun Suisham(notes), for you cannot ice something which is already ice cold.

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