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Washington Redskins quarterback Donovan McNabb(notes) has been in the spotlight almost as much as the NFL and the NFLPA lately. First, McNabb went on the new YouTube network of Seattle Seahawks fullback Michael Robinson(notes), talking for almost 10 minutes about how the lockout has been treating him, and what his future might be with the Redskins.

It's well-known that McNabb's first season with Washington was problematic at best — traded from the Eagles in the offseason in the move that was supposed to put the team over the top, he was benched at one point for perceived cardiovascular failure. Mike Shanahan's recent endorsement of John Beck(notes) would seem to say to the world that the 'Skins don't want McNabb around anymore; his primary function seems to be as a fall-guy for the schematic shortcomings of offensive coordinator Kyle [Son of Mike] Shanahan.

One thing that McNabb's been doing during the lockout is working out at Fisher Sports in Phoenix, but he recently flew to his old home of Philadelphia to dedicate the McNabb Family Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at the Voorhees Replacement Hospital. He made time to join several ex-teammates in a players-only workout that had a lot of people wondering just what was going on.

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McNabb didn't comment on the Redskins when he spoke with the assembled media. "I'm just focused on working out. It's what I do in the offseason," he said of his reunion with a group of players that had been working in Cherry Hill, N.J. "So, working with a great group of guys. [The Power Train] guys did a wonderful job of preparing those guys. So, I was just looking forward to it."

Truth is, McNabb isn't going back to the Eagles, and he probably doesn't have a future with the Redskins. We'll find out where he will go [my bet is Minnesota] soon after the lockout ends and a new league year facilitates a seemingly inevitable trade to one of many possible destinations.

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