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Marshawn's mom, look what you started. In the early days of Marshawn Lynch's career, she would give him Skittles for every touchdown. Cameras caught him indulging in this sweet treat after the Seahawks running back scored a touchdown against the Eagles, and a phenomenon was born.

At Monday night's win over the Rams, fans who packed CenturyLink Field held up signs with Skittles bags glued to them. When Lynch did get to the end zone, they showered him in Skittles, making every marketing executive for the fruity candy tear up in joy.

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After the game, Lynch said that the candy connection was his mother's.

"I think a lot of people have it mixed up that it's a prize, or that I get Skittles for scoring touchdowns. If you want to know the truth, you've got to ask my mama."

But Seattle fans, think twice before throwing any more candy onto the field. Not only can it get you thrown out, but the offensive linemen were also not happy about having to pick Skittles out of their cleats.

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