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Tim Tebow's(notes) second national television commercial is a bit less controversial than his first.

1. Tebow was signed by Jockey last July and the first television commercial didn't appear until late-March? That's a risky decision. It's not like lending jewelry to Dez Bryant or anything, but still. What if Tebow was a third-string QB by now?

2. The woman in the red dress barely takes notice of Tebow when he walks by, even though he's an NFL quarterback who has a superimposed video of skiers on his shirt.

3. Put the clip on mute and you might think it was a PSA for looking both ways before you cross the street.

4. If Tebow really was cool he'd have helped out the guy with the broken-down car instead of staring right at him and walking by without a care in the world. Help thy neighbor, Tim.

5. The video is one long, continuous tracking shot. If the director was going for a "Goodfellas" vibe; well, it was a good try.

6. All kidding aside, I sort of want that shirt.

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