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And here you thought the trailer for "The Dark Knight Rises" would be the best movie preview you'd see this week. The video of Tony Romo(notes) and Candice Crawford's wedding is apparently so grandiose in scale that it warrants its own teaser.

1. Any fears I had about mocking the wedding video of a happy, newlywed couple were alleviated by the consecutive shots of somebody reading about the wedding in a newspaper, Romo meticulously grooming his stubble and then having his cuffs buttoned by a grown man in a tuxedo.

2. There appeared to be a lot of seats under the tent. Given recent events in Dallas, I pray they were all ready in time.

3. The flowers and drinks are expensive, sure, but what gets you every time is acquiring the rights to a Coldplay song for the trailer to the wedding video.

4. Smiling faces from the bridesmaids, except for the one on the left, who has total bridal envy. Either that or she's disgusted with the fact that she has a Coldplay song stuck in her head.

Tony Romo’s wedding video trailer hits the Internet

5. This trailer sets the record for most usage of a Steadicam outside of a Scorsese film. All kidding aside, it's a beautifully shot video.

6. The surprise at the end of the ceremony was excellent. It's good to know Romo got a chance to celebrate with confetti once in his life.

7. In all seriousness, Coldplay?

8. Really, though, it looked like a lovely wedding and I'm not just saying that because of the cigar-rolling station. Congratulations to the happy couple and to the attendees who managed not to have their embarrassing dancing make the final cut of the trailer.

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