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Tom Brady’s new home should accommodate his superstar lifestyle

That's the nearly completed new home of Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, according to It's in the Brentwood section of Los Angeles, which is home to many celebrities, even though it hasn't always been kind to football players. Handsome Tom is expected to take his lovely bride and move in there after the season. Some more details on the property:

The couple paid $11 million for the 3.75-acre property, and then many millions more to build the house. When done, it's expected to have eight bedrooms, a covered bridge, six-car garage, elaborate gardens, and a lagoon-shaped swimming pool.

Just to recap NFL quarterback housing news over the past week, pictured above is Tom Brady's new house. Dan Orlovsky of the Indianapolis Colts, meanwhile, sleeps on Donald Brown's couch. That actually seems about right.

If Tom changes his mind and decides he needs two covered bridges, maybe the Jacksonville Jaguars could move in there.

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